Cabin Crew Air Hostess Training

The Cabin Crew Air Hostess Training program aspires individuals to lead their career towards becoming an Air Hostess or Flight attendants/manager in the leading Airline Companies. At Aptech Janakpuri, our students get highly expertized training in the field of Aviation and Hospitality Management so that one can learn to become a skilful employee after completion of their Cabin Crew Air Hostess Training program.
Because of the reason of flying to different places nationally and internationally, meeting with new people and the high-class facilities made available to the employees by their companies inspire the youth to choose this glorious profession of cabin-crew as their whole and sole full-fledged career. Every other day is not same as the previous day which even prevents this job from being monotonous and in a way, it keeps you excited and motivated towards doing something new every day.

Qualities required to be in Cabin Crew

The top three requirements that this profession demands for are smartness both look-wise and work wise, devotion towards the profession, zeal and full dedication towards working hard. This occupation may sound of very interesting and worth doing but this occupation is a highly responsible job to do as one has to maintain the safety, security and comforts of the flights prime concerns i.e. passengers.

Cabin Crew

Course Content

Our Cabin Crew Training Program covers a wide range of topics that include Personality Development and Communication skills (the two most important topics for this occupation), how to maintain safety and security, Presentation skills and all kinds of in-flight services.

Some other areas of development after pursuing this course are:
• Soft skills enhancement
• In-flight services
• In-flight safety & security
• Personality management
• Presentation and Communication skills
• Language Enhancement – Phonetics, ESL, Vocabulary and Spoken English
• Language enhancement – Mechanics of grammar


To connect with this prospering career-defining course, the minimum requirement you must have is completion of 12(Senior Secondary Education) in any subject. In addition, one must qualify with the following criteria’s:

• Good eyesight
• Proficient English
• Age-group between 18-24 years old
• Weight in proportion to height
• Height – 5 feet & above for Females/ 5.5 feet & above for Male Candidates.

Cabin Crew Air Hostess Training Course Highlights

• Become a job ready candidate by attending our mock interview sessions
• Acquire job-skills for career opportunities both in National and International airlines
• 100% job placement assistance
• Understanding the principles concepts of Aviation, passenger handling and Airport management
• Learning various grooming skills that is a must in this occupation.

Airport Management

Job Roles:

• Cabin Crew
• Customer Service
• In-flight service & security Attendant
• Baggage Handlers
• Passenger Attendants