Airport Management Course

“To many people sky is the limit, but for those who love Aviation sky is their home.”

MCM Infotech is the Best Training Institute for Aviation Courses. At MCM Infotech, we provide our students with skilled training programs in Airport Management. Our Airport Management Course enables the students to start a career in the now rapidly growing Aviation Industry.
Millions of people travel via flights and to handle every member and look after their facilities, people are recruited on Airports which we know them as Ground Staffs. Our Airport Management Course program specializes students in Airport Ground Services and help them in developing their work with zeal both at national and international level so that they can meet and assist people from all around the world.
This profession of Ground Staff- Airport Management asks for a lot of hard work, smartness not look wise but smartness in working and handling the customers, commitment, and full-dedication. Our Airport Management Course is designed such that it covers all features required to be an Airport Ground handling personnel as well as it focuses on all-round-personality development and enhancing communicational skills. After completion of the certification course, students can work at airports with wide range of domestic and international airlines. Students/Trainee who have a good personality and interactive skills can even opt for flying or can gain experience as ground staff.

Cabin Crew
Airport Management Course

Course Overview

Our course offers skillful learning prospects by commencing classroom sessions and practical learning sessions together. Through this training program one gets skilled in all aspects of aviation management – preliminary from in-flight training to ground handling and management, people and resource management, cargo and load management till calculating fares and issuing tickets. Some topics covered in the training are mentioned below:

• Communication skills
• Loading & trim skills
• Cargo & DGR handling skills
• Flight scheduling
• Aviation operations
• Role management
• Principles of Aviation
• Airport ramp management
• Customer service for global customers
• Resource handling and management at airports

The duration for our Airport Management Course is 13 months.

How to join / Eligibility

To join our training program, one must be 10 or 12 qualified and after it any course, certification, graduation degree is valid to get enrolled with us.

Airport Management Course Highlights

After completing the course from Aptech Janakpuri, one will have:
• In-depth knowledge about the ethics and functioning procedures of the Aviation industry.
• Identifying the tasks and responsibilities related to customer handling at the airport, core elements of trim, fuel-efficiency, and the different functionalities of the load sheet.
• Job openings in areas like passenger handling, Airport management and operations.
• Improve confidence, presentation & communication skills.
• Get 100% job placement support.

Airport Management

Why you should join Aptech Janakpuri for Airport Management Course in Delhi

Passenger Handling:

As a customer friendly handler, you pledge for smooth check-in, easy luggage transfer and faster ticket administrations for customers.

Cargo and Transportation:

As a cargo and transportation handler, you will have the duty to carry out the successful loading of all loads. Well-organized unloading, stacking, security and arrangement of aircraft baggage or cargo will be your prime concerns.

In Flight Service & Security

As in-flight service and security personnel you have to look after risk management, incidents and its reporting, identification of risks and its safety assertion. It is your prime responsibility to ensure overall protection and security of all the staff members and the passengers boarding the flight.

Customer Service

As an airline customer service attendant, one will be liable for ensuring that the passenger and their respective luggage smoothly and safely gets onboard the respective aircraft at the right time. You need to greet the passengers with a humid welcome and create a positive experience for them.

Cabin Crew

As a cabin crew associate, you will make sure the safety of the passengers boarding the plane. You also have to take the responsibility for maintaining the passengers on safety standards during the flight.

Load & Trim

As a cargo and trim associate, one has to do the weighing and balance computation of baggage’s according to the fixed norms/figures of the Company. Cargo, bags and mail on the plane, issue loading guidelines and load sheet and safe loading of all the necessary things on the aircraft is also a part of this role entrusted to you.