MCM Infotech Ms Office Training Institute

Microsoft Office is the most widely and globally used software suite in business and office environments. It plays a vital role if you want to keep up to date with the skills demanded by many employers and to progress your career. MS training course program is designed to train individuals in all aspects of Microsoft Office, and the specific or individual platforms that it contains such as Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Outlook.
At MCM Infotech, we provide you with the best MS Office Training Course in Delhi. Along with teaching, we also offer and provide you with the latest version of MS Office Suite along with numerous upgrades to make your work convenient and more streamlined.
MCM Info-tech’s certification course in MS Office will not only make you aware of all the new tools and functions of MS Office but also help you make use of most of your MS Office operations. Our MS Office Training course focuses on Word training, expertised Excel training and PowerPoint training along with practical sessions and this makes us to be on the top of the top 10 MS Office Training Institutes in Delhi.


What are the Career Benefits?

MS Office is the leading suite offering and delivering state of the art productivity tools for the business world. Hence, Microsoft Office certifications or qualifications provide you with an advantage over others as this certifications and qualifications are industry valued and accepted by employers universally. In fact, the chances of getting employed in any occupation related to performing operations on MS Office increases 5 times after completing our certification course. According to Microsoft, a Microsoft certified MS Office Executive can earn as much as 15% more than an UN-certified co-worker. In fact, an entry-level employee can earn as much as Rs 10,85,838 higher than others annually in high-growth industries.
Our certifications will also help you achieve greater productivity and perform complex tasks, therefore, making you eligible for salary hikes and promotions on a frequent basis.

Who Should do This Course?

The basics for this course are nothing more than basic computer skills.
This training course is especially popular among students as they have recognized its importance and wish to choose a technology that helps them plan a better profession. However, anyone who wants to brush up their skills or find a suitable job can apply for this training course to get certification and qualification. Individuals who got helped and were benefited from this course include teachers, researchers, officers, auditors, mentors and accountants, to name a few.

How do I Get Certified in Microsoft Office?

If you wish to get certified and qualified, it is authoritative to choose a certification or qualification. Microsoft offers three levels of office certification – Specialist, Expert and Master.
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – To become a Specialist, one needs to learn the core skills of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote and Outlook and pass corresponding exams.
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert – To become an Expert, two expert level exams need to be clear, therefore, acquiring advanced skills in Word and Excel.
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master – A MOS Master clears multiple exams and advances mastery across office applications.


The duration of our MS Office Training program varies from 2 months to 3 months and for some advanced level concepts, it is for 6 months. Students can choose the term duration and the class timings as per their comforts.